rule driven drawings

In this series of eyes-closed drawings, I explore the random energy of artmaking as a metaphor for my connection to the universal energy of my human experience. Working in this way, I am letting my hands research the fine lines between control and the random variables of art making much the same way a scientist creates experiments to test her hypothesis. When researchers look at the tiniest stuff in the universe, things begin to act really weirdly! Contradictory effects seem to happen at the same time. I am exploring this randomness in my Quantum Field Drawings. Quanta are the smallest amount of or unit of something, especially energy. There is an apparent randomness to quantum theory which I explore in my rule driven QFT drawings.

Here are my self-imposed drawing guidelines: First, I collect a large handful of colored graphite pencils. While gripping them with both hands, I place them point down on the paper. Next, I take a deep breath and close my eyes. I then connect my hands directly to my core and make marks at varying speeds and pressure. When I am ready, I stop moving and lift my marking tools off of the paper. Only after I have completely arrested the connection of pencil to paper do I open my eyes and look at the resulting marks. Finally I assess, choose different colors with which to work, and repeat.

In this way, my rule-driven QFT drawings honor seeming randomness, connection to physical mark making, while also playing with my human energy and lack of control. Quantum physics, like the esoteric world of spirituality, is an essentially invisible world. The birth of quantum physics brought the rules of science and the unpredictability of spirituality into alignment. In much the same way, my eyes-closed rule-driven QFT drawings celebrate the physicality of my random yet deliberate marks born out of my direct connected with my heart and soul.

QFT 74 diptych, 30x44, graphite on paper, Milisa Galazzi, 2021QFT 75 diptych, 30x44, graphite on paper, Milisa Galazzi, 2021QFT 76, 30x44, graphite on paper, Milisa Galazzi, 2021 QFT 77, 30x44, graphite on paper, Milisa Galazzi, 2021