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"...The light drawings of Milisa Galazzi are meditations on presence and absence. The drawings appear as hovering filigree of cast shadows emanating from elegant cut-paper constructions hung in spacious, overlapping planes. Positive and negative space undulate back and forth as the eye synthesizes the various layers into a unified whole. Her series String Theory borrows from the quantum physics theoretical framework in which elemental particles are conceptualized as 'strings' reaching across the space/time continuum..."

- Miles Conrad, in his article "The Tactile World" in Surface Design Magazine dedicated to Wax & Fiber, Winter 2015/2016

"...Although you won't see a view of Cape Cod in Milisa Galazzi's work, this place informs her art, along with a fascination with human relationships..."

- Deborah Forman, "Contemporary Cape Cod Artists on Abstraction" Schiffer Publishing 2015

"You provided me with one of the most rewarding studio visits I've ever had. You are a consummate professional, in every possible way, and an absolutely delightful human being. Your work is stunning, and I am so moved by your creative process and your ability to express your originality. I am truly honored to show such meaningful, powerful, important work. Thank you so much for this opportunity!"

- Susan Danton, Owner, Miller White Fine Art, in a thank you email after her first studio visit, May 21, 2015


"Creating webs of cut paper that produce "a visible dance of light" when suspended in layers slightly away from the wall, Milisa Galazzi reminds us that structure is not just an armature for mass. In her String Theory series, Galazzi draws with hand stitching on paper, then cuts the paper along the lines of the stitching and dips the resulting lattice into beeswax. Because wax transparentizes the paper as well as stiffens it, light hitting the structure appears to illuminate it internally. At the same time, because the illuminated web has physicality, the layers of paper cast multiple shadows. Galazzi has brilliantly created object, image and silhouette as a kind of dimensional lace.

- Joanne Mattera, in her introduction in the catalogue of Organic to Geometric: Investigations in Structure and Surface, exhibition at Heftler Gallery, Endicott College, January 19-March 20, 2015


"Galazzi's gestures are punti in aria, though materially they are stitches on paper, which has been cut to follow the trail of the thread. Immersed in wax, the transparentized paper is hung away from the wall and casts vibrating shadows as it wafts gently."

- Joanne Mattera, in her introduction in the catalogue of Swept Away: Translucence, Transparence, Transcendence in Contemporary Encaustic exhibition at the Cape Cod Museum of Art, May 18-June 23, 2013


"Milisa Galazzi's Waggle Dance Three is a looping meditation on bee behavior, decoding the material story."

- David Raymond, in his review in Art New England, July/ August, 2013 of The Elephant in the Room exhibition at Laconia Gallery, Boston, Mass, May 30-June 30, 2013


"Milisa Galazzi works with paper by removing it. The thin, flowing lines of her work, strengthened by wax, draw the viewer's attention to the negative space, the shadows and their delicate stitching that make up theses floating drawings."

- Michelle Belto, in her comments section of the Gallery of Artists portion of her book, Wax and Paper Workshop:Techniques for Combining Encaustic Paint and Handmade Paper, North Light Books, Cincinnati, Ohio 2012


 "Some extraordinary work by Milisa Galazzi ... is on view at ERNDEN Gallery..."

- Rebecca M. Alvin in her article, Wax Works, in Provincetown Magazine Vol.35 Issue #7 May 31-June 6, 2012


"...This catalog of the exhibition would not be a reality today if it were not for the vision of Milisa Galazzi, one of the contributing artists, who approached me with the idea of producing the catalogue, and who spent many hours managing the sales and marketing of this book - thank you, Milisa..[your] idea to produce a catalogue brought together organically a small working committee, which accomplished our goal within a very short time."

-Supria Karmarkar, in her Acknowledgements section of the catalogue for The Wax Book: Altered, Repurposed, Remade exhibition at Gallery X, Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill, Truro, Mass.  June, 2012


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